What is your goal? Think about one main goal you want to accomplish.

How do you reach your goal? Think about steps to take and what needs to happen first. Knowing what students and staff need can help you with this.

How do you know what students and staff need? Think about using surveys. You can use this sample survey by Teaching Tolerance if you want to.

What is your message? Think about the message you want to get out there.

Who can join the movement and how? Remember diversity and inclusion.

What are the rules for members of the movement? Everyone’s voice is important. Think about the dos and don’ts.

What is the name of the movement going to be? Something easy to remember and catchy. Google names because you don’t want to copy others.

How do you promote your movement? For some ideas, go to the Activities page.

What is the first event or project going to be?Think something fun, something that will get noticed.